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Tuesday Caps Clips

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Laissez les bons links rouler:

  • WaTimes on Staffan Kronwall (quick thought: plucked so that GMGM could have a piece to trade old buddy Brian Burke?); WaPo on Nicklas Backstrom.
  • Mike Wise writes about "self-anointed puck purists." Interesting. [WaPo]
  • Post-game quotes from Evgeni Malkin, Sergei Gonchar, Sergei Fedorov and Alex Semin following Sunday's game. [OFB]
  • The Caps rescued Tomas Fleischmann, who was apparently otherwise doomed to be a Detroit Red Wing (gasp!) for his entire career. [USAToday]
  • "If Pronger was on the backline of the Washington Capitals, it might be unfair, considering the jump-up skills of Mike Green and the neutron bomb known as Alexander Ovechkin." Love me some "unfair." [OC Register]
  • Buy or sell Joe B. and Locker as the seventh-best broadcast team in the League? [Illegal Curve]
  • Dave Hodge is the latest to gush over AO. []
  • Power rankings are out, with the Caps holding at third at The Hockey News, up one to second at (where "Jose Theodore continues to look like a weak link"... yawn), up one to fourth at and at, and... up one to Numero Uno at "Now Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals can wave down at the rest of the league below." Damn.
  • In the history of smack talk, no superstar hockey player has ever been trashed as thoroughly by the brother of an All-Pro tight-end than Sidney Crosby. [Cooley]
  • Speaking of Sid, if my team was currently outside of the Conference's top eight teams, I'd probably want my captain looking forward, not backwards. [Post-Gazette]
  • The Junks (at least one of 'em) are on the bandwagon. Donkeys. [Junkies]
  • One of the cool things about living in D.C. is you never know what dirtball might be making improper use of Caps tickets. [AP]
  • Apparently, the Brendan Witt trade watch is on. [NYI Point Blank]
  • Speaking of trades, SCoC has the lowdown on Erik Cole and Jordan Leopold. [SCoC]
  • This has nothing to do with hockey, but it's damn cool. [Best Week Ever]
  • NHL Network has a "big fancy Miracle retrospective" planned for tonight, but we still chuckle at The Onion's take. [Puck The Media]