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Friday Caps Clips

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What do we think of "Caps Clips?" Until I hear something better, that's what you get. On to the links:

  • Corey on AO's Hart credentials, Tarik on the same. So who wrote it better?
  • Jose Theodore is good at a number of things, but hiding how he really feels apparently isn't one of them. [Capitals Insider and Denver Post]
  • A respected writer out of ChiTown claims that "Washington is looking for a goalie." Notice I didn't say by whom he's respected. [Daily Herald]
  • Kevin Allen is on to you, GMGM. [USA Today]
  • "The best tip Ovie has given me was to take it easy at the bars." - Nicklas Backstrom, who's getting more comfortable every day (and it certainly shows). []
  • Our neighbors to the north in Baltimore (a.k.a. D.C./Philly's taint) want to know if you've got Caps fever. [Baltimore Sun]
  • Bill Clement is on the "Green for Norris" bandwagon. []
  • Sticking with The Peacock (gee, why are they pumping the Caps' tires so much?), Kevin Dupont is "an Ovechkin guy" when it comes to picking between AO and Sid. []
  • The Nationals are so bad and boring that Tom Boswell is hopping on the Caps bandwagon. [OFB]
  • "On Friday, March 6th, join Mike Green and Elliot at The Front Page in Arlington, Virginia, to help raise money for ‘So Kids Can.’" Good stuff. [EITM]
  • The Caps have a relatively easy schedule the rest of the way (which, of course, means that it will be relatively difficult... huh?). [AVFtCS]
  • Alex Semin is a buck richer after Wednesday night. [CK]
  • "Unless you’re Canadian, chances are you’ve never heard of Alexander Ovechkin" and what follows may be the stupidest thing I've read related to AO's goal the other night, but somehow I spent an inordinate amout of time at the site at which it was posted. [College OTR, possibly NSFW]
  • Speaking of that goal, it reminded some Pens fans of an old Mario goal, marking perhaps the first time they've willingly compared AO to Le Magnifique. [Empty Netters]
  • Catch Capital Spirit on Capitals Red Line Monday next week. Looking forward to it. [Capital Spirit]
  • Birthday wishes go out to Brendan Witt (34), Glen Hanlon (52) and Rick Green (53).
  • Remembering the imminent departure of Dainius Zubrus.
  • Finally, with Colorado coming to town, let's have a look at a little something we like to call "foreshadowing":