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Alex Ovechkin And The Beanpot

As Pension Plan Puppets reminds us, tonight is the first night of The Beanpot (Stanley Cup of Chowder offers a nice preview, as well).

Tonight's games feature Boston University facing Harvard, followed by Boston College against Northeastern, and given that Northeastern is the third-ranked team in the nation, B.C. may have to call upon an interested visitor to one of the team's recent practices for help:

[Alex] Ovechkin, who had an NHL-best 31 goals entering Thursday, wanted to know how he could play in the Beanpot.

"We figured he still has four years of college eligibility, so I’ll let him throw on my jersey if he wants," [BC senior forward BrockBradford said.

The thought of AO in college - an instant nightmare for fathers of collegiate co-eds NCAA netminders everywhere.