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January's Most Commented-On Posts

Thanks to all of you who made January yet another record-setting month at Japers' Rink. We thought we were doing well a year ago, but January, 2009 page views were up well over 200% and visits more than doubled over January, 2008. Visits were also up more than 10% over December, so let's keep big mo' rolling through February, shall we?

Here are the top 10 most commented upon posts of January (Game Day Open Threads excluded, though Tuesday night's 782-comment effort is worth noting):

  1. Wednesday Roundup - Caps 2, Flyers 1 (SO)
  2. January Capitals Prospects Update
  3. Tuesday Roundup - Gamenight: Flyers @ Caps
  4. Thursday Roundup - Caps 6, Pens 3
  5. Tuesday Roundup - Gameday: Caps @ Bruins
  6. Pick 'Em (Now With 20/20 Hindsight!): Mo Or Emmy
  7. Tuesday Roundup - Caps 2, Isles 1 - Gameday: Caps @ Sens
  8. On Ovechkin's Hit On Heward
  9. Wednesday Roundup - Bruins 3, Caps 2 (OT)
  10. Monday Roundup - Fixing The Power Play