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Thursday Rink Links

Still looking for a catchy title for these link dumps. Anyway, here are today's links:

  • Corey (blog) and Tarik (blog) on the win; Montreal Gazette on the loss.
  • The AP on the goal of the night. [AP]
  • Recaps of the game (and the goal) from around the blogosphere at Peereless, CK, OFB, VFCS, HMF and SS (hey, it's D.C. - if you're not used to acronyms by now...).
  • If his recent stint behind the bench didn't confirm that Barry Melrose knows next to nothing about hockey, when asked who's better as between Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin, The Mulleted One offered up this response: "Wow. Ovechkin's been a better player this year, though Crosby was better last year. We're not going to settle it for the next ten years. Crosby may be the more complete player, but the way Ovechkin is playing right now, you have to give the edge to him." [ESPN]
  • "[T]he plan in Washington is to pretty much stick with what they have. They might add a cheap rental, but the Caps aren't interested in moving big assets." So says Pierre LeBrun. [ESPN]
  • NBC takes a pass on Crosby/Ovechkin? Does L'il Gary know? [Puck the Media]
  • One shudders to think where Mike Green would be right now if Glen Hanlon was still coaching the Caps (other than in a different tax bracket and perhaps city). [CP]
  • Speaking of Green, he caved and gave the HHOF his record-breaking twig. [AP]
  • Brooks Laich gets a late Valentine. [Capitals Kremlin]
  • We'll know D.C. has arrived as a hockey town when there's a show dedicated to NHL prospects. Until then, there's The Pipeline Show, which chatted up John Carlson (.mp3) and Braden Holtby (.mp3) recently. [Dump and Chase]
  • Speaking of radio, NPR had a piece on "the Capitals' Russian rock star" (hint: not Viktor Kozlov). [Welcome To the Show]
  • And speaking of coaches, AHL Prez David Andrews was on Hockey This Morning yesterday and he showed Bruce Boudreau some well-deserved love. [XM204]
  • If you've always thought that Triple with Cheese + small fries + Mike Green was the ultimate combo, today's your lucky day. [Caps Message Board]
  • Our Commander in Chief has never been to a hockey game. [Welcome To the Show]
  • One year ago today, we came to the conclusion that Brian Pothier's NHL career was over. One year later, we don't feel much different.
  • On this date back in 1980, the Caps beat the Canadiens for the first time ever, raising their all-time record against the Habs to 1-32-2.
  • Finally, here are some notes that may make your SB Nation experience a little better. [Blog Huddle]