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Larionov To Pittsburgh

Via The PensBlog and Peerless comes news that Alyonka Larionov is currently working for Pens TV (which, I assume, has similar high-end content to Caps TV but doesn't have nearly the depth).

Larionov, you'll recall, is the daughter of Russian hockey legend Igor Larionov, and has served as arm candy to future (fellow?) Russian hockey legend Alexander Ovechkin, leaving one to comment on how it's become like a common thing in the NHL for teams to fall in love with AO's... what's the term I'm looking for? Untidy extras? No... Disheveled spares? Nope... Shoddy superfluities? Dammit... it'll come to me.

Anyway, good luck to Alyonka, and thanks for adding yet another layer to one of hockey's most intriguing rivalries.