The "Free Alex" Movement

(h/t YNC)

What's done is done on the suspension front, and now it's time to show the best player in the world that Caps fans are behind him 110% by rocking a "Free Alex" sign at tonight's game. Here are our two best, with one being a bit more printer-friendly (big thanks to xiix, and a heads up that most of these links go to PDF files):

Sign #1

Sign #2

Click. Print. Copy. Distribute. It's really that simple.

Oh, and if you don't want Alex freed, print out a copy and save it for later... something tells me you'll need it at some point.

Btw, here are some other options if those first two don't float your boat:

Sign #3

Sign #4

Sign #5

Sign #6

Sign #7

Sign #8

Thanks to everyone who helped out - now go out and pamphleteer!

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