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Friday Caps Clips: So This Is Christmas

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Click <a href="" target="new">here</a> to buy this, um, lovely ornament.
Click here to buy this, um, lovely ornament.

Your savory breakfast reindeer links:

  • In case you missed it last night, Russia submitted its Olympic squad.
  • A closer look at the team from one who should know. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Caps family says goodbye to a second D.C. sports legend to leave us in the past month. [Capitals, Ted Leonsis via Capitals Insider]
  • Alex Ovechkin's 65-goal 2007-08 season leads the list of top individual performances of the decade, but there's something amiss in the blurb on his rookie season. []
  • It would be impossible for me to more fully support the statement implicitly made with this question: "Why isn’t every Capitals game shot and broadcast in HD?" [Ted's Take]
  • The Caps have two of the top seven-rated wingers in hockey (sorry, Matt Bradley fans, it's not your guy). [CTV]
  • Mike Green's winter lid is... um... something. [RMNB]
  • Ross McKeon's monthly quarterly power rankings have the Caps up two spots to second. [Y!]
  • In addition to whiffing on where AO was drafted, also has apparently forgotten Green and Milan Jurcina exist. []
  • Vote for Player of the Decade over at TSN (last I checked, AO was in fourth, behind a certain Canadian centre, so make your vote count). [TSN]
  • In yet another "decades" list, the Caps' uni change is among the best in all of sports. [National Post]
  • A Christmas wish from our favorite astronaut... [clydeorama on Flickr]
  • ... And a nice shot of a nice shot. [clydeorama on Flickr]
  • Apparently they haven't handed the gold to the Canadians at the WJC yet. [TSN]
  • A bit more on the Bears' dominance so far this season. [HBH]
  • Finally, happy 58th birthday to Brian Stapleton and Dave Kryskow, happy 44th to Dmitri Mironov, and happy 2013th to you-know-who.