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Thursday Caps Clips: Green Good to Go

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via the shoebox next to my desk
via the shoebox next to my desk

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Mike Green skated yesterday, looked "none the worse for wear," and expects to play tomorrow, but the debate as to whether or not the Caps need an enforcer rages on. [Washington Post]
  • A couple more takes on David Koci's hit from Puck Daddy, Peerless and Hockey Or Die!
  • Craig MacTavish thinks that Bruce Boudreau was mean-spirited when he belittled Koci's skill-set. Seriously. [TSN]
  • "For their rookie dinner in October 2006, David Steckel and Jeff Schultz dressed up as the two main characters from 'Blades of Glory,' Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy." Pretty sure that's my new favorite story ever. [In The Room]
  • Alex Ovechkin: Caveman. Villain. Whatever. [Denver Post]
  • Karl Alzner has come home. [Washington Times]
  • Brendan Morrison, too (in more ways than one). []
  • James Duthie has Green being on the outside looking in on Team Canada (btw, on December 17, 2008, Green had eight goals - two more than he has right now - not twenty). [CTV (at 2:10, 2:54)]
  • "Being Alex Ovechkin" is not nearly as entertaining as "Being John Malkovich," which is ironic, as being Alex Ovechkin is almost certainly more fun than being John Malkovich. [The Hockey News]
  • The Caps' Russian trio hung out with a fellow Russian - and a top-10 women's tennis player, at that - last week. [Sony Ericsson WTA Tour]
  • Caps' radio voice Steve Kolbe "enjoys fishing and archery." If that means he shoots fish with a compound bow, he's my new hero. [PressBox]
  • Cody Eakin and Stefan Della Rovere will have to wait a little longer to play a game as teammates - the former was cut from Team Canada's WJC squad yesterday. [CBC]
  • More on Delly. [SLAM!]
  • John Carlson gets ready to represent the red, white and blue. [London Free Press]
  • Happy 44th birthday to Craig Berube and happy 51st to Dave Poulin.
  • Finally, we've obviously disagreed with some of Jim Kelley's recent musings, but we wish him nothing but the very best of luck in his battle with pancreatic cancer.