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Wednesday Caps Clips: Rocky Mountain Rout

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Recaps and other assorted musings on last night's win from Corey (blog, article), Tarik (blog, article), Vogs, Joe B., CSN Washington, WashEx, Ed Frankovic, Fight for Old DC, Denver Post (gamer and blog) and Mile High Hockey (rather succinct).
  • On the David Koci hit. [FanHouse]
  • Seems a good time to revisit this post on team toughness from a few weeks back.
  • At some point you start to wonder whether sheer ignorance will cost Semyon Varlamov Calder votes. [FanHouse]
  • Some more new power rankings are out, with the Caps up one to third at CBC.
  • Another interesting look at the crapshoot that is drafting goalies. [TSN]
  • Stephen Peat vs. P.J. Stock: your NHL fight of the decade. [Puck Daddy]
  • A rare Michael Nylander AHL rookie card unearthed. [FanPost]
  • These third jersey mock-ups look awful to me. I mean, an "A" on the #28 sweater? Ewww. [Rock The]
  • John Erskine has a new nickname (and no, it's not Fourskine). [Fight For Old DC]
  • Maybe no one will win the Cup this year. [Orland Kurtenblog]
  • If Cody Eakin ends up not making Team Canada this winter, there's still a chance (gasp!) that he might become a decent hockey player. [CBC]
  • Another "Gabby" review. [Sky Sports]
  • Speaking of Gabby, per the HHoF, on this date back in 1977, "Bruce Boudreau scored the only hat trick of his NHL career, and Borje Salming added five assists as the Toronto Maple Leafs won 8-5 against the North Stars, at Minnesota."
  • Finally, again per the HHoF, on this date back in 2003, "Washington rookie Maxim Ouellet, playiing in his first NHL game in three seasons, made 37 saves to record his first career shutout, and Robert Lang scored twice and added two assists as the Capitals won 5-0 against the Thrashers at Atlanta." And by "first," they mean "only."