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Monday Caps Clips: Happy "Nylander's Gone" Day

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • In case you missed it... our long national (capital area) nightmare is over. [Japers' Rink]
  • More from In The Room, the WaPo, the Grand Rapids Press and elsewhere.
  • If Semyon Varlamov turns out to be the real deal, the Caps will have themselves a rarity - a goalie taken in the first round who panned out. [Hockey Or Die!]
  • Jim Matheson says Mike Green makes Team Canada. He also says Michael Nylander might go to Finland, so "grain of salt" and all that. [Edmonton Journal]
  • "In a deal to be announced Monday, the Capitals have partnered with OptionIt on a service that lets fans buy options on tickets in advance for about half their face value, and then lets them eventually pay for the ticket in full or sell it to other fans." Um, ok. [WSJ]
  • If you like free money, here's a deal for you - spend $15, and get $30 to spend at RFD, a great pre- or post-game watering hole. [Living Social]
  • Speaking of goalies, good to see OFB's non-NHL netminder obsession moving from beauty pageant contestants to webmasters. [OFB]
  • "Ups and Downs" coming up at 11:00.
  • Finally, happy 48th birthday to Peter Sundstrom and happy 43rd to Bill Ranford.