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Saturday Caps Clips: Game Over Green Returns; Caps @ Maple Leafs Game Day

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via the shoebox next to my desk
via the shoebox next to my desk

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Recaps and other assorted musings on last night's "Mike Green giveth and Mike Green taketh away" win from Corey (blog, article), Tarik (blog, article), Vogs, Washington Examiner, Joe B., Peerless, Ed Frankovic, Fight for Old DC, Canes Country and Red and Black Hockey.
  • Preview of tonight's Caps/Leafs game (a rematch of a Hockey Night in Canada loss from three weeks back) from, and be sure to check out our SB Nation partner (and e-BFFs) Pension Plan Puppets for the very best coverage from the other side of tonight's match up.
  • The Caps apparently had some plane troubles last night and flew to Toronto early this morning as a result. [@GreenLife52]
  • "If most of us could catch [Alex Ovechkin], he would be a target," [Leafs blueliner Garnet] Exelby cracks. "But in reality, he is getting away with [the way he plays], and you're right -- you live by the sword -- you die by the sword. Eventually guys are going to have enough of that type of player." 348 games and counting... and we're still waiting, Ex. [National Post]
  • Great stuff from "behind the scenes" of Hockey Night in Canada in preparation of tonight's match up. [CBC]
  • "When the schedule came out, we certainly saw that [stretch] and said, 'Wow, [having the Capitals on Hockey Night in Canada four times in five weeks] will be great,' " HNIC producer Doug Walton said. "Anytime you get the schedule, you look for the all-Canadian matchups, and you look for Pittsburgh and Washington, so we recognized this pretty early." Memo to NBC: Not mentioned? Philadelphia. [National Post]
  • Another "no" vote for Green for Team Canada. []
  • Did Matt Bradley just call Alexander Semin what I think he called Alexander Semin? [FanShot]
  • Speaking of Semin, Bruce Boudreau admits regarding his enigmatic Russian that sometimes he wants "to use a stick and beat him over the head with it." [Examiner]
  • Russ Thaler on what Ted Leonsis owning the Wizards might mean for the Caps. [CSN Washington]
  • More from AO's "Men's Journal" shoot. [Alex Ovetjkin]