Better know your Caps prospects - meet Mackan

"Mackan" being a Swedish colloquialism for "sandwich" and a Capitals colloquialism for "very intriguing draft pick".

Let's have a nice Rink welcome for young Marcus "Mackan" Johansson, the impressive Swedish center who was the Caps' first round selection (24th overall) in the 2009 NHL entry draft:

2009 NHL Draft selections 24 M Johansson (via reedosaurus)

Mackan is really well spoken. And a better interview than Nicky. 'Course we don't keep Nicky around just to chat:

Marcus Johansson Färjestad BK draft-interview (via gruvarbetarn)

But why did we draft him? Well, here are some (most likely incomplete) stats.

And you know, stats are a bit dry. Let's take a look at his game. He's been spending his time "down on the gård", playing for Farjestad BK in the SEL

Here he is from about a month ago with "two great ridiculous goals by # 90 at the start of the season 2009-2010":

Marcus Johansson Färjestad BK (via gruvarbetarn)

Here he is from about a week ago with a beautiful assist and then a nifty goal against Modo:

Marcus Johansson, assist och mål (via gruvarbetarn)

This is some older footage from a world juniors tournament, Tre Kronor v. Big Red. I don't speak Swedish, but the announcers definitely have a "Do you believe in miracles?" moment.

"Mackan, Mackan, Mackan!":

Marcus Johansson FBK / JVM (via gruvarbetarn)

And finally, Mackan was most recently in Ottawa with Team Sweden Under-20s. Recently as in this past Tuesday, November 3rd. They are playing a series of exhibitions against Canadian teams to get used to the NHL-size ice rinks. This game was against the Carleton (University) Ravens, and that would be Mr. Johansson at centre ice, wearing #11 and the captain's "C". (Tre Kronor 5, Ravens 1)


Click here to watch the entire game.

For some reason there's no sound until the end of the anthems, and the play-by-play guy is kind of annoying.

Farhan Devji got some quotes after the match.

Here are notes about the rest of the Tre Kronor tour of O Canada

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