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Thursday Caps Clips: No Ovechkin, No Win

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via <a href="">Y!</a>
via Y!

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Recaps and other assorted musings on last night's loss from Corey (blog, article), Tarik (blog, article), Vogs, Joe B., Ed Frankovic, Peerless, and Fight For Old D.C..
  • Good news! Alex Ovechkin's injury isn't even among the ten most impactful early season hurts. [The Hockey News]
  • "Playoff hockey" in November? Maybe not as crazy as it sounds. [HomerMcFanboy]
  • Bruce Boudreau officially endorses Mike Green for Team Canada, which is certainly not "an about face from last spring" for Gabby (seriously, who writes this stuff?). []
  • Is Green as high as fourth on the Team Canada depth chart? [Hockey Or Die!]
  • Nicklas Backstrom on Grate Patrol. [Hockey Mom]
  • The "Gifted" Paradox. [Peerless]
  • Brendan Morrison's "Survivorman" adventure, now with video. [FanShot]
  • Perhaps the weirdest set of hockey cards I've seen yet, given that it contains this Alex Ovechkin card and this... fish? [The Beckett Blog (bonus: for more on the fish, click here... you know you want to)]
  • They're going to miss Michael Nylander in Grand Rapids. With any luck, we'll get the chance to miss him here, too. [Griffins]
  • What do you get the Caps fan who has everything? Not this. [ via @nateewell]
  • In his dreams, perhaps, Keith Aucoin envisioned notching a hat trick against the Devils last night. Well, his dream came true... sorta. [Patriot-News]
  • Speaking of Aucoin, happy 31st birthday, Keith, happy 51st to Paul MacKinnon, and happy 52nd to both Nelson Burton and Rollie Boutin.