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Saturday Caps Clips: Too Little, Too Late; Caps @ Maple Leafs Game Day

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Recaps and other assorted musings on last night's loss from Corey (blog, article), Tarik (blog, article), Vogs, Washington Examiner, Joe B., Ed Frankovic, OFB, Fight for Old DC and Tic Tac Toe Hockey (pictures).
  • Preview of tonight's Caps/Leafs tilt from, and be sure to check out our SB Nation partner (and good buddies) Pension Plan Puppets for the very best coverage from the other side of tonight's match up.
  • Is Alex Ovechkin the best left wing in NHL history? Proteau says yes, Pelletier says not so fast. Gotta give a fellow JP the nod on this one.
  • Very cool behind-the-scenes stuff from Hockey Night in Canada's Jim Hughson prepping for tonight's game. [CBC]
  • Interesting question: Does star power matter for the NHL in the U.S.? To bring it home a bit, I'll ask this: If the Caps had the same record and recent success but had done so without Alex Ovechkin, would there be as much interest in the team? [Puck Daddy]
  • Tomas Fleischmann gets a little recognition from Pierre LeBrun. [ESPN]
  • A nice look at Chris Clark's resurgence from OFB's intern. Sidenote: OFB's intern needs to negotiate a new title, one that doesn't have "OFB's" or "intern" in it. [OFB]
  • George McPhee did a phoner with Toronto's sports radio station yesterday and touched on a number of topics, including his change of heart regarding head shots (spoiler alert: it's pretty much because he's now got kids playing the game). [FAN590 (audio)]
  • Today (or yesterday) in Matt Bradley Week news: a feature as FanHouse's Fight of the Week. [FanHouse]
  • AO is Russia's third-richest athlete. [Alex Ovetjkin]
  • The Caps will hold their first "Caps Care Casino Night" in January, "where fans will be able to mix and mingle with the entire team along with coaches, alumni and owners." My guess is that Caps alum Rick Tocchet will not be there. [Capitals]
  • And a good time was had by all at Hockey n' Heels. [Hockey Mom, OFB]
  • The cases for and against five countries winning the gold in Vancouver. [The Hockey News]
  • Some interesting stuff from Sergei Fedorov (including a couple of mentions of old Caps teammates), who's still making headlines in North America from an ocean away. [Hot Ice]
  • Finally, in case you're wondering, the Caps have visited Toronto for a Hockey Night in Canada twice since the lockout and won both games (December 23, 2006 and December 6, 2008).