Ovechkin Injury Updates: Now Listed Week-to-Week

This is the spot for discussion of AO's injury.  Post your thoughts, links, rumors and whatnot here.

I'll start you off with this transcript of Tarik's post-game interview with Ovi

Sunday night against the Columbus Blue Jackets Alexander Ovechkin suffered an 'upper body injury,' probably to his left shoulder and/or arm, and left the game in the second period.

Ovechkin came out to speak with media after the game, and was brief in his comments. From his words and demeanor it didn't seem as though he was too concerned with the injury, although that could certainly be illusory. Here's a transcript of his comments. MH is Michael Hoffman of, TED is Tarik El-Bashir of the Washington Post. I didn't catch the identity of the TV guy.

Edit 8:56 pm: Video is on Capitals Outsider (Thanks to Philip Van der Vossen for taking/posting the clip!).

TEB: What happened there along the boards? It seemed to me that Chimera was angry from the hit in the first period and he kind of bumped you.
AO: Yeah, it was just a moment in the game, so nothing happened, he hit me and I hit him. It was a battle there, but nothing happened.
TEB: Did someone grab you? How did you get hurt?
I can’t tell you how I get hurt. But it’s day-to-day, but you know just in case I can go back on the ice.
TEB: So you don’t think it’s very serious?
I don’t know.
TV: What is it?
[laughing] You think I’m going to tell you?
Can you tell us kind of where it is?
No. Can’t.
Left, right, top, bottom?
Upper body.
MH: Before you left, what did you tell the team?
I just said to a couple guys ‘good luck'...[Edit 8:56 pm: According to Michael, Ovechkin said he was with Greg Smith (the trainer) and then came to the locker room] know it’s a tough game…
TEB: Are you made at all with the way Chimera bumped you and then Boll came over…?
No, it’s just a game. It’s just a game. Hits happen, if it wasn’t hurt, if it wasn’t injured, like I’m just playing then no one would think about it, but it is what it is.
TEB: So no practice tomorrow, but will you try to skate on your own?
They’re off, so no skating.

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