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Alex Ovechkin's Awesome October

Prior to Friday night's loss, noted Alex Ovechkin's current "awesome" goal-scoring rate (which slowed down a bit when he "only" potted one in the loss to the Isles). With 14 goals in a not-necessarily-lucky 13 games, The Great Eight remains ahead of that magical fifty-in-fifty pace, but here's a quick look at what he's done so far this season compared to what he's done in the past. First, his goal totals through 13 games in each of his five seasons:

Season Goals Through 13 Games Final Goal Total
2009-10 14 ?
2008-09 4 56
2007-08 9 65
2006-07 8 46
2005-06 8 52

Ovechkin's monster October puts him in a great position to set all kinds of new career marks this season, but where does it rank among the best months he's ever had, point-wise? Take a look:

Month Games Played Goals Points
March, 2008
14 14 26
November, 2008
14 11 25
March, 2006
15 11 24
October, 2009
13 14 23
December, 2006
14 9 23

Of note, this October just past and March of 2008 are the only 14-goal months of AO's career so far, and October was the first month of his career in which he had more goals than games played.

But as impressive as he's been so far, this isn't the best single-season 13-game goal-scoring spree of his career, a distinction that belongs to the stretch between January 5 and February 5 of 2008, during which he scored 15 goals (aided by a four-goal explosion in perhaps his best game as a Capital). [Note: AO also scored 15 times over the course of the last 11 games of last year's playoffs and the first two games of this season.] This is, however, the most goals he's scored in a 13-game span without mixing in a hat trick somewhere along the way, and his six multi-goal games in 13 games is a personal best.

So when the League names Alex Ovechkin it's Player of the Month for October, take a moment to reflect back on what you just saw - some of the very best from the very best.