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Monday Caps Clips: A Winning Weekend in Washington

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Despite the prevailing sentiment expressed in certain schadenfreude-heavy corners of the interwebs, there's still a substantial number of folks who root for both the Caps and the Redskins and to whom stuff like this is pretty cool. [D.C. Sports Bog, Comcast (video), Redskins Blog, Peerless, @homermcfanboy] Update: Check out Fight For Old DC on the subject.
  • Regarding that last point, take a second and vote in the poll below.
  • Alex Ovechkin's mother loves Ted Leonsis, but is somewhat less fond of Gary Bettman at present. [Capitals Insider]
  • If you missed the two-part interview that Russ Thaler and Dmitry Chesnokov did with Alexander Semin for Comcast SportsNet, check it out. [Examiner]
  • I buy that Jose Theodore is "under-the-gun" this season, but where does "[he] is going to have to earn the trust of his Capitals teammates" come from? [The Hockey News]
  • Sovetsky Sport caught up with Semyon Varlamov after the home opener. [Examiner]
  • Speaking of the Leafs game, astute point by Brian Pothier: "[Varly's] play can lead to a sort of a false sense of security a little bit, because he played so well we might have been thinking that we were playing better in front of him than we actually did." [Washington Post]
  • Pictures from Saturday night's win. [Caps In Pictures]
  • So far, so good for Mike Knuble. [USA Today]
  • Ovechkin and Semin arguing prior to the Bruins game. Funny. [Alex Ovetjkin]
  • Semin declares himself ready for "more physical play this season" and has these words of warning for the League: "Let the rest be scared of us" (though, in fairness, they sound bolder taken out of context as I did here than when shown as merely a response to whether or not the top line should be proactive or reactive in their play). [Examiner]
  • A look ahead to Tuesday night's game in Philly. [Cap Centre]