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Saturday Caps Clips: Leafs @ Caps Gameday

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via the shoebox next to my desk
via the shoebox next to my desk

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Previews of tonight's game from Vogs, the AP, TheStar (and again), Peerless and CapsChick, and keep up with all the SBN game coverage here.
  • The Caps have won seven straight home openers and Alex Ovechkin has seven goals in the four he's played. [@capsmedia]
  • On tonight's minimal pre-game festivities, Bruce Boudreau offered this: "Boston just introduced the players. They didn't show any banners, did they? Their goals are bigger than division championships. I think ours are bigger than division championships. We raised the banner last year. There's no sense in raising it again." Still, the mere site of the 2008-09 Southeast Division Champions banner may be a bit much for Assistant Coach Woods. [Capitals Insider]
  • Leafs bench boss Ron Wilson's super-secret cheat sheet made it on the air the other night (Spoiler Alert! The Habs are small). The Caps had best be ready for "Big Blue Pride" tonight. [Orland Kurtenblog]
  • If you're inclined to do so, our pal Dmitry Chesnokov will be chatting during the game on Comcast Sportsnet. [CSN]
  • If you find you can never get enough Brooks Laich profiles, here's another one. [Washington Post]
  • Versus got their best opening night ratings in their five-year run on Thursday. Of course, if it was Flyers/Bruins, it would have gotten even better ratings, right, NBC? []
  • John Buccigross previews the Caps by referencing some band I've never heard of, pumping AO's tires and then placing the Caps behind the Pens in the East. Sounds about right. [ESPN]
  • Homer McFanboy profiles Mike Knuble and chats up David Steckel. Good stuff.
  • In case you missed it, it looked as if Joe Finley got Bourqued by the Bears. [FanPost]
  • Adam Oates has a new gig as assistant coach in Tampa Bay. [CBC]
  • Finally (and speaking of slick passing former Caps pivots), happy 37th birthday to Michael Nylander. Wonder what he'll wish for when he blows out the candles...
  • Update (late links): Viktor Dovgan is no longer Caps' property; the Caps power play has the potential to be quite good; Loverro on Leonsis; Wise on Leonsis.