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Monday Caps Clips: NHLers in the AHL

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photo by Sally Robertson (h/t gotsparkly)
photo by Sally Robertson (h/t gotsparkly)

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Outlining the Caps' comeback on Long Island in five steps. Good stuff. [FanHouse]
  • Last season, Michael Nylander "had his heart set on joining the Hawks and was shattered when the deal didn't happen." That makes all of us. [ESPN]
  • Speaking of Nylander, he had five assists over the three-game weekend and added the game-winning shootout goal (pictured after the jump) on Saturday night. Seen enough yet, comrades?
  • And speaking of AHL conditioning stints, in the second game in Hershey, Tomas Fleischmann (pictured at right) got on the scoresheet with a helper. []
  • Peerless looks at the forwards and the defensemen and goaltenders after ten games.
  • Is Alexei Kovalev calling Alex Ovechkin a liar? [Toronto Sun]
  • New rule: if someone embeds the YouTube of Alexander Semin throwing the puck against Toronto from a few years back, I'll link to the post. [FanHouse]
  • Bruce Boudreau will be signing copies of his autobiography (excerpts of which you can read here) this coming Saturday at Kettler. [Facebook via @CapsFans]
  • Former Cap first-rounder Sasha Pokulok is healthy (for now) and off to a good start in the ECHL. []
  • "Ups and Downs" later this morning, and even more content in the afternoon, so stick around.


Photo: Mark Newman (thanks to the Griffins)