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Friday Caps Clips: Hangin' On for Two Points

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Recaps of the Caps win in Atlanta from Corey (blog, article), Tarik (blog, article), Caps Chick, Peerless, Ed Frankovic's Blog, Cap Centre (here, too) and Hockey Mom.
  • Reliving Jeff Schultz's first goal of the season. They're all line drives in the box score, baby. [FanHouse, Caps365 (video)]
  • Ilya Kovalchuk wants what Alex Ovechkin has. (But guess what? He can't have it - he's got Don Waddell as his general manager.) [AJC]
  • Interesting "guess where Michael Nylander will land" post over at Puck Daddy, but a) we don't "have to agree that there are only two leagues in the world that can afford Nylander's salary -- the NHL and the KHL," since the acquiring club won't pay a nickel of the Swede's salary (and, for the same reason, the list doesn't have to be narrowed down to "one of the rich KHL clubs," and b) is the foreign-born player roster restriction such a potential impediment if we can "[j]ust ask Radek Bonk, who was "released" by Lokomotiv Yaroslavl after coming over to the KHL from the Nashville Predators, how easily [a team can either trade or release one of their foreign born players]"? [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of Nylander, he couldn't be happier at the prospect of actually playing hockey again. [Grand Rapids Press]
  • The Caps have the League's seventh best trade bait prospect pool. [Hockey's Future]
  • Next time Bruce Boudreau's thinking of a "bag skate," might I suggest some alternatives. [The Hockey News]
  • Eric Fehr has a radio show. Who knew? [In The Room]
  • Fehr and Tyler Sloan don't know why hockey pucks are round. Heh. It's because... um... err... [The Gazette]
  • The Caps' local TV ratings are up 27% through six games. [@N_E_I]
  • Catching up with Andrew Gordon, the third of the Bears' top line that was left in Hershey on Thursday. [John Walton Hockey]
  • And if we're talking Bears, there aren't two better people on the planet to do the talking than John Walton and Tim Leone. [John Walton Hockey]
  • In case you were wondering why I seldom if ever link to Bleacher Report, here's a partial answer. [Hockey Or Die!]