Glen Hanlon and his entire coaching staff dismissed from Dynamo Minsk


"According to the Belarus News Agency BELTA, after being trounced 1:4 at home today by Amur Khabarovsk, chairman of the Belarus Hockey Federation Vladimir Naumov announced the dismissal of Dynamo Minsk head coach Glen Hanlon, along with his entire coaching staff. "…You all saw the game today. I am convinced that with the roster of players which we now have on Dynamo, the team should not be playing like this. So today I announced the dismissal of the entire coaching staff headed by Glen Hanlon" said Naumov. "He asked to resign four games ago, but I had no doubts about him as a highly qualified coach and I did not accept his resignation. Today I expected that Glen would come to the press conference and explain his situation, but since he is not here I had to announce the dismissal myself." Naumov went on to say that just 20 minutes before the press conference he talked with "Gomel" head coach Alexander Andrievsky and offered him command of the team." h/t Dmitry Chesnokov