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Michael Nylander to Switzerland?

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The latest rumor in The Michael Nylander Saga has Swiss team HC Lugano (a team with a couple of familiar names on the roster alreadyinterested in acquiring the services of the Swedish pivot. Per Google's translation:

Swiss Lugano, with the Swedish coach Kent Johansson ... is reportedly willing to pay Michael Nylander one million Swiss francs net, equivalent to almost seven million [Swedish krona], after taxes.

Perhaps fanning the flames of this rumor? The fact that Nylander played for Lugano in 1996-97 (and that rich people dig Switzerland). Stay tuned.

(H/t Ice Warrior on the Expressen link and TBL on that last one)

Update: To clarify, Nylander will make $5.5 million this year and not a penny more or less. Lugano could compensate the Caps as part of a transfer agreement, but they cannot pay Nylander directly. For more "Nylander-to-Europe" FAQs, check out our post on the subject.