That's Just Grapes Being Grapes...

Don Cherry's latest take on Alex Ovechkin is a figurative seven-layer dip of jingoistic bloviation (as opposed to this, which is pretty much a literal seven-layer dip of awesomeness). Have a look:

True, he's the most dynamic player in the league, but Alex Ovechkin also has a tendency to hit from behind every once in a while and throws his body around more than any other star. Cherry believes this is because there's no accountability – opponents know what Donald Brashear is there for. Even if Ovie wanted to drop the gloves, it's unlikely he'd get a chance to square off before multiple teammates got in the middle; he's too valuable. Cherry thinks Ovie may even be blissfully ignorant of the chaos he causes.

"He doesn't realize it," Cherry said. "I've seen guys ready to go (after being hit) and then they realize it was him. If you were a Canadian hitting like Ovechkin, you'd be fighting all the time. Ryan Getzlaf would be dropping the gloves all the time."

Ryan Getzlaf is a great player [enter Eric Fehr crack here], but he neither scores nor hits like AO, so what does he have to do with anything? And Alex as "blissfully ignorant?" Please. The mind boggles when reading tripe like this.

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