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Semin On His Game-Winning Goal

[Many thanks to our good friend Dmitry Chesnokov for passing along the translation of Dmitry Shumin's interview with Alex Semin following last night's win over Boston.]

AS: "[The game-winning goal] happened quite easy.  The puck was on the blue line, I took it, slid under my skates, ran forward and shot it without a thought."

DS: Why without a thought?

AS: "In our business fractions of a second decide everything.  Actually I will start shooting more.  I have a different style of play.  But I have decided to change it a little."

DS: Why did the Capitals have a series of three losses recently?

AS: "We were winning a lot recently, haven't you noticed?  But the team is not made of steel.  Slumps happen.  We lost three then.  Now we won two.  We are on a rise.  Everything is good."

DS: Did you get upset that you were not invited to the All Star Game in Montreal?

AS: "I missed a lot [of games] due to injury.  I wanted to go.  But it turned out this way.  There is nothing [you can do]."

DS: What will you do during this pause in the season?

AS: "I was thinking about going to Miami to get some rest.  But I have decided to stay in Washington.  My friends are here to visit me.  I won't be bored."