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Why You Shouldn't Worry About The Caps' Road Record

Much has been made so far this season about the Caps' supposed road woes. Obviously a 9-10-2 road mark pales in comparison to their otherworldly 15-1-1 home record, but its hardly cause for great concern.

Yes, they've given up the most goals away from home in the League and have the Eastern Conference's worst road GAA, but here's why you shouldn't get too worked up about the Caps' play away from the VC: they're now 8-4-2 on the road against the Eastern Conference. Of their twenty remaining road games (second-fewest in the NHL), only one is against a Western Conference team, and that's a short trip to Nashville (which, incidentally, is closer to D.C. than the homes of half of the Caps' Division rivals). Further, the team was 5-2-0 on the road in December. Feeling better yet?

Don't get me wrong - the Caps certainly haven't been the same team on the road as they have been at home, often being gracious guests, laying back and seeing what kind of game they're involved in and reacting rather than setting that tone themselves. Room for improvement? Sure. But throw out a bad Western swing and the year-to-date retrospective is quite a bit sunnier.

Of course, the inability to win on the other side of the Mighty Mississippi is a problem the Caps will probably need to address before the Cup Finals. Ahem.