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Ross McKeon's 2008 Wasn't Like Yours Or Mine

In the grand scheme of things, "What Ross McKeon thinks about the Caps" ranks just below "The current state of the Heidi/LC feud" in terms of things I care about, but the guy who recently suggested contracting the entire Southeast Division has pooped out written a "2008 Stories of the Year" for the NHL that deserves some mention. And while I'll leave it to Fark to comment on some of what was included, we'll note what wasn't. With a hat tip to the Caps PR folks, here's some of what happened in 2008 that Ross might have missed:

The Capitals close the book on a remarkable 2008 calendar year against Buffalo, a year that saw them post a 51-23-6 record to this point (trailing only San Jose, 117 points, and Boston, 110, with 108 points). Among the team's other notable achievements in 2008:

  • Won the Southeast Division championship last season and has a 10-point lead in the division this year
  • Posted a 31-6-3 home record at Verizon Center with 14 sellouts 
  • Alex Ovechkin has scored 60 goals in 2008 (10 more than any other player), posted 113 points (second only to Evgeni Malkin, 124), won four major NHL awards, received the Key to the City of Washington, D.C., signed a new 13-year contract, played in the NHL All-Star Game, led Russia to a gold medal at the World Championship, won NHL First Star of the Month three times and launched his own designer clothing line
  • Bruce Boudreau was named NHL coach of the year and was selected for induction in the AHL Hall of Fame

Reasonable minds can differ as to which of the above storylines - a (thus far) successful rebuild, a historic individual season for the game's best player and/or the best coaching story in recent memory - belong on the list instead of the Rangers and Bolts playing a pair of games in the Czech Republic or an ugly injury to a sniper who hasn't scored twenty goals in a season since before the lockout, but McKeon once again shows himself to be either out of touch with what's going on in the League or intentionally forgetting some of the NHL's best stories. Take your pick.