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Sunday Roundup - Gamenight: Leafs @ Caps

[AP Preview - Preview]

Tonight - until the puck drops, at least - it's all about one man.

Read about him in the front page sidebar and watch this video:

Embrace the history, but don't forget that two big points are on the line against a team that has beaten New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, the Isles and Atlanta since the Caps last saw them three weeks ago (while also dropping games to Boston, Dallas and the Islanders).

Elsewhere 'Round the Rinks:

Thom Loverro's got a column worth reading today.... Speaking of columnists, take note: Larry Brooks has some really smart things to say.... Stefan Della Rovere's mid-term grade is in, and it's real good.... Michal Neuvirth lost his AHL debut in a game in which his head coach was ejected.... Today's Cap of the Day? Who else but Number Eleven.