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Saturday Roundup - Caps 3, Sabres 2

[AP Recap - Game Summary - Event Summary - Postgame]

Like I said yesterday, "the Caps have Alex Ovechkin and the Sabres don't. Edge: Washington."

Elsewhere 'Round the Rinks:

I know you're well aware of how far the Caps have come, but it's still an absolute riot to see what Tarik wrote about three years ago today.... Craig Custance wants to see an outdoor game at FedEx Field. Clearly he's never been to FedEx Field.... Fighting is up, perhaps because "[g]uys just fight for fun," and who doesn't want to have more fun?... Finally, eight years ago today, Peter Bondra torched the Sens for four goals. It was his 15th career hat trick (of the 19 he'd score) and fifth (and final) four-goal game. With all of the attention paid to AO and Mike Gartner these days, it's nice to remember just how dominant a goal scorer Bonzai was.