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Tuesday Roundup - Gamenight: Caps @ Rangers

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The cards, it would seem, are stacked against the Caps tonight. They're playing in a building in which they haven't won since before the lockout (0-5-1), they have nearly half their payroll out of the lineup with injuries and the penalty kill is in a bit of a free-fall, allowing five goals in 15 times shorthanded over the last three games.

On the plus side, the Rangers can't score on the power play (or in any situation, for that matter), and are overachieving thanks to their stud goalie and the rest of their penalty kill. To put a fine point on that last, um, point, Henrik Lundqvist has a far better save percentage 4-on-5 (.915) than Jose Theodore has 5-on-5 (.886). That's not good.

Also not good? That Rangers power play. Sure, 14.7% sounds bad enough, but when you consider that they've only scored 24 extra man goals this season while allowing ten shorties, it's downright abysmal (the Caps, for what it's worth, have a 29-goal differential when on the power play).

Knowing Bruce Boudreau's Caps, they'll rally after Saturday's blowout loss, and given the Rangers' inability to put teams away (a League-leading 14 of their 22 wins have been by a single goal), we should expect a close game, and one that may very well be decided by which team scores first, as the Caps are 16-3-1 (and 46-14-2 since the beginning of last season) and the Rangers 11-3-0 when getting on the board before their opponents.

And so the roller coaster rolls up for one last ride before Christmas, hopefully to bring more thrills and less of that queasy feeling we got this past weekend.

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