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Salary Cap Could Drop 15%

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"[B]arring a miraculous recovery by the economy, players stand to lose all their escrow money, which would essentially drop the salary cap from $56.7 million this season to about $48 million next season." [Link]

If I understand things correctly, however, the cap (in terms of a salary ceiling for planning purposes) will drop, "but only to about $55 million."

In case you're wondering, here's a look at what the Caps already have on the books for the 2009-2010 season (including only players who have made their NHL debuts, with one exception, and figures taken from here):

Alexander Ovechkin - $9,538,462
Michael Nylander - $4,875,000
Alexander Semin - $4,600,000
Chris Clark - $2,633,333
Nicklas Backstrom - $2,400,000
Brooks Laich - $2,066,667
Matt Bradley - $1,000,000
Tomas Fleischmann - $725,000
David Steckel - $725,000

Mike Green - $5,250,000
Tom Poti - $3,500,000
Brian Pothier - $2,500,000
Karl Alzner - $1,675,000
John Erskine - $1,250,000

Jose Theodore - $4,500,000

That's 15 players at $47,238,462 (but it includes Pothier).

Maybe I should have titled this post "Yet Another Reason Trading Nylander Makes Sense."