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Pucks, Pucks And More Pucks

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One of the great sports collectibles of all-time is the hockey puck. They're cheap (well, not always) and small (well, not always), and come in more varieties than you can imagine, which is why the Virtual Puck Museum is such an awesome website.

As UniWatch notes:
The puck museum, which was recently brought to my attention by reader Jeff Pudlo, is pretty much what it sounds like: a huge collection of hockey pucks, nearly 20,000 in all, each with a unique design. And while it’s fun to see the familiar NHL logos, the site’s real value is in its documentation of other leagues — minor, junior, collegiate, European, recreational, women’s, and more. Plus there are pucks made for weddings and other special occasions, coporate pucks, puck printing stamps and boxes, and lots of historical background. Frankly, I hadn’t given much thought to puck design until now, but it turns out to be an extraordinarily deep rabbit hole. There are even certified goal pucks!
The site itself could be a little better organized, but is a great time waster. For Caps fans, in addition to team logo pucks, you'll find individual player biscuits ranging from Clint Malarchuk to Olie Kolzig, from John Druce to Peter Bondra and many, many more (Al Iafrate or Dino Ciccarelli, anyone?).

Inspired by the VPM, then, here are a trio of favorites from my own collection (Rod Langway-, Kolzig-, and Alex Ovechkin-signed, respectively):

If you've got any special pucks, let's hear about (or see) 'em in the comments - winner gets an OFB mug.