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Mike Wise Is Not Impressed With Your "Short Video Tribute"

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For a guy who probably never saw him play live, the WaPo's Mike Wise sure does have an over-the-top a strong opinion on how you - and the Caps - should treat Olie Kolzig's return to Washington tomorrow night:
A short video tribute will be shown on the JumboTron during the first timeout of the first period tonight, which seems a bit trite and jammed in, especially given his years of service as a player and ambassador. Maybe feelings between both sides are a little raw, but he deserves a pre-game tribute of some kind -- especially for a guy who did not have to sign a two-year extension with a team that had no intention of spending money or contending after the lockout. Washington is all he knew in the NHL, so he stayed.
Perhaps Mayor Fenty can declare tomorrow "Olaf Kolzig Day" in D.C. and shut down local government to appease Wise, who hopes Kolzig's "homecoming is treated with the same dignity and passion he gave this city for almost 20 years," a sentiment with which I couldn't agree more - so everyone make sure to rip the number plate off your seat before leaving the Verizon Center.

Now, I'll be standing and applauding during that video tribute, but let's try to remember that the relationship between Kolzig and the Caps was a mutually beneficial one (to the tune of more than $42 million for the player and 301 wins for the team) and that while one side of the break-up has been told over and over and over again, the other side has taken the high road and not given the matter a public airing.

More importantly, let's try to remember that Olie Kolzig is coming into the Verizon Center tomorrow night with the intent of taking two points home with him.