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Chris Clark "Injured"

Yesterday, we suggested that "Perhaps [Chris] Clark needs to go see a specialist about his lingering groin injury (wink wink, nudge nudge)."

Today, it seems, Clark might be on his way to making that "visit." Per Tarik:
Coach Bruce Boudreau shed a little light on the Chris Clark situation, saying, "he has an undisclosed injury at this point. ...It's best that he sits out a game."


Asked if he was injured, Clark said, "You have to ask Bruce." He wouldn't say anything more.

When it was relayed to Boudreau that Clark seemed "pertubed", Boudreau said: "He's perturbed that he's hurt."

Clark's wrist was wrapped. But he said that's been a nagging thing since last year.
Must be a hell of an injury to keep Captain Courageous out of the lineup.

Sigh - it certainly does feel like things are headed down the one-way street we talked about on Wednesday, doesn't it? CapsChick's two cents on the matter (which are valued at much more than that) are worth checking out here.