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Are You Ready For "Capitals RED TV"?

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Via SBJ:

"Buoyed by an expanded season-ticket base and rising TV ratings, the Washington Capitals are looking to expand their fan base by launching the team’s first original television show.

"The 32-minute show, which will air over 20 weeks on Comcast Sports Net, will offer an off-the-ice look at players, coaches and fans affiliated with the team. The team plans to call it either 'Caps All Access Monday' or 'Capitals RED TV.'


"Each episode will feature eight or more segments, and the Capitals plan to recycle those segments online and during games at the Verizon Center. [Capitals’ chief marketing officer Tim] McDermott hopes distributing the programming across a variety of platforms helps sales by giving partners ownership over slices of content that reach a wider audience than a half-hour TV show."