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Sunday Roundup - Jackets 3, Caps 0

[AP Recap - Game Summary - Event Summary Postgame]

November: in with a shutout, out with a shutout. And yet, despite those bookends, all the injuries (hey, look - there's another!) and a schedule that squeezed games into weeks like the kid on this bike, the Caps had their first winning November this millenium and their most wins in the month since 1996.

We'll take it.

There's not too much to say about the game itself - the Caps were emotionally and physically spent before the opening puck dropped, and it showed - but here are a few points anyway:

  • One Caps blueliner played more than 20 minutes, and that was Sami Lepisto. Granted, that's because he got six more minutes of power play time than the other five defensemen combined, but Lepisto at 23:30 is not a recipe for success on most nights.
  • The official scorer in C'bus loves him some hits but couldn't be bothered to mark down many giveaways or takeaways - the Caps were credited for 30 hits, two giveaways and one takeaway.
  • Alex Ovechkin attempted 15 shots on goal. The rest of the team attempted 38. Only ten Caps registered shots on goal.
  • Other than David Steckel's 12-for-17 (71%) night, the Caps were 17-for-42 (40%) in the faceoff circle.
  • Eric Fehr continues to try to create offense, attempting seven shots on goal (second on the team) and leading the team with a plus-nine Corsi Rating on the night.
  • On the flip side of the CR, Matt Bradley was a team-worst minus-nine. Brads didn't have a single shot attempted and had only one hit on a night when Viktor Kozlov had three. Not his best night.
  • Brent Johnson was good, for the most part, but his pokecheck attempt on Rick Nash's breakaway wasn't.
If there's one troubling aspect of the lost to Columbus, it's that it dropped the Caps to 4-8-2 on the road, a problem that will need remedying at some point soon. But with four Hershey blueliners in the lineup, an over-extended top line and a full-team of exhausted skaters, I wouldn't be too concerned... yet.