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Sports "Endorsement Of The Week"

The dummies on Madison Avenue may somehow have no idea who Alex Ovechkin is (or, perhaps worse, they may not care who he is), but CNBC Sports Biz guru Darren Rovell sure does, and he digs the hell out of Ovi's Hair Cuttery endorsement:
"When the world's richest athletes sign endorsement deals, they are usually with blue chip companies. The thinking is always to do an advertisement or commercial that aligns with a certain class of company.

"But I am absolutely loving the latest endorsement deal that's been consummated. Alexander Ovechkin, who signed a 13-year, $124 million with the Washington Capitals in January, has signed a deal with the Hair Cuttery."
Read on to see why Rovell's such a fan of the promos, and by all means send us your pics of the ads as you spot 'em around town (japers dot rink at gmail dot com).