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Pick SPG

Our buddies up at Pension Plan Puppets play a little game to coincide with each Leafs game in which they predict who will register the first Leafs shot, penalty and goal for each period (I believe the Caps ran a similar game through their website years ago). Friend of the Rink Gary Perez designed a website and wrote the code to automate the gathering and tracking of all the relevant info. The result? - you pick your team loyalty and take it from there.

I'll defer to PPP for some more of the deets, but given how easy it is to register and play, every one of you should join up, not only to show everyone how smart and numerous Caps fans are (especially relative to Leafs, Pens and Sabres fans), but also because at year end, the Caps fan with the most accumulated points will get some yet-to-be-determined-but-snazzy prize courtesy of The Rink.

Try it. You'll dig it.