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Mmmm... Downie

Remember our buddy Tim Clownboy of the Hurricanes, err, River Rats? Check out what he's been up to, via Canes Country:

"The AHL should be looking into a suspension for Albany River Rats captain Tim Conboy, who was assessed a fighting major, instigation and unsportsmanlike minors, a game misconduct for instigating and a game misconduct for "persisting in a fight," following a high-sticking incident and fight with Steve Downie during the Phantoms' 3-0 win Saturday afternoon.

"I’ve never heard of [persisting] in a fight before," said Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren. "The report I got was that [Conboy] bit Downie on the hand. He had blood and teeth marks on his hand."

Here's the video (dude's a friggin' maniac):