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It's Like Déjà Vu All Over Again

As Caps fans delight in Alex Semin's scintillating start to the season, the rest of the League is taking notice of the "other" Alex as well.

Here's a sampling of what they're writing:
"Alexander Semin, goal machine. Most prognosticators expected a Russian ... to lead the Washington Capitals in scoring all season. But it wasn't Semin.... Nevertheless, there he is." - Adam Proteau,

"THAT a Russian named Alexander is leading the Washington Capitals in scoring should surprise absolutely no one. Except in this case the last name is Semen [sic], not Ovechkin." - Pierre LeBrun, Winnipeg Free Press
Wait, what's that you say? Those articles are both two years old?

Sure enough, two years ago today, Alex Semin was leading the Caps in scoring with eight goals and four helpers in ten games (Alex Ovechkin had six goals and four assists), and his "sweet hands" were the talk of the town.

Semin would go on to score 38 goals for the season, which was good for 13th in the League (and just eight fewer than Number Eight would score), but took a bit of a step backwards last year, due to injuries. He's a different player today than he was two years ago (thanks, Sergei!), but what's being written about him is hardly anything new.