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Great Moments In Journalism

"If Ovechkin won’t respect Malkin’s status as a superstar, the Penguins can’t respect Ovechkin’s status as a superstar. If that means that Eric Godard does Ovechkin a favor by rearranging his face, so be it.

Malkin shouldn’t retaliate personally. That’s not his job. It might help Malkin’s street cred, but what if Malkin broke a finger? The reward is dwarfed by the risk." - Mark Madden, Beaver County Times

I personally don't think Malkin's the wuss that Madden paints him to be - one that can't take a little physicality or fight his own battles - but Madden covers Malkin and knows him better than I do, so I'll defer.

Oh, and Don Brennan called - he wants his clownshoes back.

H/t Kukla's Korner