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Friday Roundup/'Yotes 2, Caps 1

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Alright, who left the offense in the Eastern time zone?

A three-game road trip that would have probably have been considered successful had the Caps brought home with them three points is now 0-fer through two games. Just a few thoughts on last night/this morning's match up:
  • Blowing a third period lead, no matter how slim, to a young and inexperienced team is hard to swalllow.
  • For the second outing in a row, Jose Theodore was solid and, at times, very good. Probably his best effort of the season.
  • The first power play looked much improved over Tuesday night's version. When Michael Nylander's taking slap shots, you know the "just shoot" message is getting through.
  • Using Sergei Fedorov as a defenseman is like eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to freshen your breath - in a pinch, it's not the worst option imaginable, but it's a short-term solution at best and by no means ideal. Feds took a couple of penalties, at least one of which was the result of a bad first step, and his instincts as a defensemen simply aren't great. Still, he makes the best outlet passes the Caps have seen from the blueline in years.
  • Alex Semin's curl-and-drag on the second power play was unreal, and Brooks Laich's finish was a bit of a weight off.
  • The only Caps on the right side of zero in Corsi Rating were Green, Semin, Laich, Chris Clark, Fedorov and Nylander.
  • Too many missed shots from Semin and Green.
  • One of Shane Doan's slappers broke the puck in half. It doesn't get much manlier than that.
  • Shaone Morrisonn needs to be better on the second Phoenix goal.
  • The faceoffs were a bright spot, with the Caps winning 64%, with each pivot at better than 50%.
  • "Saved by zero" makes me want to kill.
  • So did Tyler Sloan's giveaway.
  • Ed Jovanovski helped Sasha fall down, go boom.
  • Sloan did lead the team with four hits, though none was as memorable as his NHL first.
  • The Caps miss Tom Poti, Viktor Kozlov and yes, John Erskine.
  • Nice hustle by Fedorov to touch up that last icing a second after the horn sounded.
So the road trip concludes Saturday night, when the Caps will try to salvage something from their Western swing in a tough place to win - Big D. Not good times. At all.

Elsewhere 'Round the Rinks:

Good news - the Caps probably aren't in cap hell next year (of course, that was written before John Erskine signed his mega-deal).... Another Hockey News blogger weighs in on the other day's topic du jour, calling "the impromptu scrap that follows a nice open-ice bodycheck" the "most ridiculous thing in NHL hockey these days."... Already this season, the Bolts have bid adieu to Shane O'Brien and David Koci because "there's no room in the East for fighting." I'm sure Vinny and Marty feel comfortable with Ryan Malone and Gary Roberts keeping them from being run on a nightly basis.