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Drinking The Koules-Aid For Charity

An interesting note from down in Tampa, where the Rays are on the verge of one of the biggest chokes in sports history Bolts are still looking for their first win and Steven Stamkos is still looking for his first point:
Lightning goalie Mike Smith on Saturday wore a mask... the team hopes will become a collector's item for fans of the grisly Saw movies. On one side, a picture of the creepy clown doll that taunts the movie's victims and police, on the other, the evil Jigsaw and his female accomplice, the architects of the bloody on-screen mayhem. Chains on both sides of the mask appear to pull apart a mouth.

Owner Oren Koules is the Hollywood producer responsible for the series that continues Friday with the release of Saw V. Goalie Olaf Kolzig also will wear a mask depicting the movie, but it has yet to arrive.

"It was unclear how many times the masks will be worn. Smith's will be auctioned to benefit the Lightning Foundation. Kolzig's will be auctioned to benefit Athletes Against Autism.
Now, it's for charity, so I can't knock it. But if we catch Jose Theodore sporting a Kicking It-themed mask, I may have to say something.