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Tuesday Miscellany

For all the latest from Rookie Camp, be sure to check the "What We're Reading" sidebar often during the day, as it'll be current with the great work being done by Vogs, Tarik, Corey and your favorite Caps bloggers (provided that I'm not one of 'em). But from me today you get a link dump (and a Thrashers preview later):

Tuvanhillbilly has translated a Sport-Express interview with Simeon Varlamov that should put to rest any immediate KHL worries.... Some 14-year-old prodigy out in Seattle digs Alex Ovechkin.... Sergei Fedorov, Eric Fehr and Mike Green - what's not to love?... Scott Burnside has questions, we have answers: Yes, Yes, Yes, Anywhere, Yes and Just Watch.... To hell with saving the Bay, it's time to rock the weagle.... Darren Eliot continues to show he's a believer.... Finally, to some this probably reads as somewhat heartbreaking, but I find it to be quite heartwarming. Group hug.