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Sorry, Peter And Olie: No Jersey Retirement For You

On the heels of this morning's announcement that no one will ever again wear the number eleven for the Caps comes the implicit news that anyone should feel free to wear number twelve or thirty-seven (paging Keith Aucoin).

As related by Craig Custance, Ted Leonsis discussed the topic of further jersey retirements:
He said the criteria was strict: You'd better be a Hall of Famer or lead the Caps to a Stanley Cup.
So nevermind that Peter Bondra and Olaf Kolzig have at least thirty individual team records between them (including most seasons, points, goals, goalie games played, wins, shutouts and saves), the team apparently feels alright letting a group of hockey writers decide whether these Caps greats are deserving of having their respective numbers retired by the team.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that neither Bondra nor Kolzig is headed to the Hall (and that neither will lead the Caps to a Cup). I'm also going to go out on a limb and say that one, if not both, of them will receive the same recognition that Mike Gartner will get when his number is sent to the rafters on December 28. How the team backpedals from this newly announced standard is another thing.

Update: Much ado about nothing, as the team is "open-minded about what other numbers will be retired." See what happens when the lawyer in me gets unleashed?