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Please Make It Stop

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She describes herself as a "hockey mom."

Is it a hockey story? Sure, maybe it's a hockey story. Is it somehow good for the game? I really tend to doubt it, considering that the introduction of "soccer mom" into the lexicon via the political arena a decade-and-a-half ago hasn't quite vaulted futbol past football on the national sports radar and that the most prominent hockey player in the instant story isn't exactly a great ambassador for the game.

Here's a look at the forest, for those of you focused on the trees. From Matt Yglesias last night:
Okay, I flipped from football — America’s favorite sport — over to the politics thing and once again I’m hearing about all-American values and, um, hockey. We understand that real Americans don’t play, watch, or think about hockey ever, right? Baseball, football, basketball, NASCAR we’ve got a lot of popular sports here in the United States. And then there’s this odd Russo-Canadian game that can’t even get on ESPN.
Before you bash Yglesias's bashing, note that he's actually a closeted hockey fan - he even wants Ice Girls! Sigh.

The point, of course, isn't "who cares what outsiders think of hockey?" it's "why do we care how some pol is branding herself?" All it's doing is giving bloggers paper-thin coverage for expressing their unsolicited political views (guilty) and turning message boards and comment sections into dumbed-down mini-versions of The McLaughlin Group (which is really saying something).

So whether you're a Hockey Mama for Obama, you're pulling for the "pitbull with lipstick" and her grandfather father running-mate, or you're somewhere in between (or outside), let's leave the political discussion where it belongs, namely outside the hockey blogosphere... at least until Jim Lehrer asks the candidates the question on everyone in America's mind - you know, "Ovechkin or Crosby?"