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Ovechkin Put Behind Bars

The Ovechkin Insanity never ends.

Per TuvanHillbilly:

"Alexander Ovechkin, the highest paid Russian hockey player, is losing his freedom for a few days. The well-known forward is giving up the ice and sitting behind bars! Skates, pads, shields and sticks--everything that is familiar to the famous sportsman will suddenly be replaced by shackles and prison uniform! So what has happened to the famous NHL player? The reason the hockey player with the peaceful name is being locked away is that he is taking part in the filming of a new music video for Vlad Topalov. Nobody expected such a turn of events, and up until the last minute least of all Alexander. As has learned, the hockey player's girlfriend, Victoria Lopyreva persuaded him to participate in the scandalous video.

"'I really like Vlad's art, and Sasha is so courageous that to me, nobody else could play this role'- Victoria shared with

"In the video, Vlad and Alexander play prisoners under guard. During an escape attempt the young men become slaves to some sexual beauties."