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Could Simeon Varlamov Be Headed To The KHL?

This evening brings us yet another interesting interview translation over at the Alex Ovetjkin blog, this time with Caps top goaltending prospect Simeon Varlamov... 's father. Money quote:

Q. In your opinion, can we expect Simeon to return back to Russia during this season?

A. First of all he must see how he would be treated [in North America]. If all goes well he certainly won't return. But if the situation in terms of the chances to break in will look hopeless, then we'll talk through his American agent about the possibility that the club could rent him.... After all, one thing is to play in the NHL, and completely different one is to play in the AHL, which is greatly inferior to our Russian league. But it's not in Simeon's plans to flee from the NHL, everything will be done officially through negotiations.

The elder Varlamov goes on to say that if Simeon doesn't make the Caps, he will go to Hershey (where the goaltending situation is anything but settled), but a quote like that has to give the organization at least a little heartburn... or does it simply give them another option?

Russian hockey dads causing a stir in the media... another reminder of our cultural differences?