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Thursday Grab Bag

We've got a handful of miscellaneous quick hitters today, but feel free to chat about whatever's on your mind in the comments.

First up is a great read over at McKeen's on Nicklas Backstrom, who isn't taking it easy after a fantastic rookie year: "I want to be a better hockey player. I have to work hard this summer. You want to be better every year, so you have to have a good summer." (h/t to SCruzer on the link).

On to for a piece on 2008 Caps draftee Stefan Della Rovere, who takes pride in what he does: "They told me I was a good pick for them in the seventh round because I’m a hard-nosed power forward type of pest. It was nice to hear that."

Next, a quick word of thanks to The Hockey News' Sam McCaig for writing an article about where Ray Emery might end up and not including the Caps in his list of possibilities. My eyes bleed every time I see "Emery" and "Washington" in the same sentence.

Finally, I noticed that the Caps are trying to keep tabs on your summer Red Rocking, so send in your pics - I'm sure they'd be happy to receive something like this Phoebe Cates classic, or perhaps something a bit more modern like this (possibly NSFW).