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Ovechkin Welcomed Home In Style

On a sweltering Friday afternoon in our nation's capital, Alexander Ovechkin was given a royal welcome upon returning to D.C. from Toronto a conquering hero, holding four major awards.

After receiving the key to the city in an afternoon ceremony downtown, Ovechkin was feted at a celebration at the posh K Street eatery Teatro Goldoni. There was plenty of, um, talent on hand, and Japers' Rink was lucky enough to be there as well, joined by fellow bloggers Puck Daddy and Ordered Chaos from OFB.

I'll let those fellas tell you more about the event (as I think they may have stayed sober longer got the audio of the conversation the three of us had with Ovie), but needless to say, with Caps royalty like Rod Langway and Peter Bondra on hand (pictured), it was one heck of a celebration.

Photos: Japers' Rink

Update: Here's Puck Daddy's post and here's OFB's.